IST Series | Double End Tenoner

  • Choice of Many of Models & Mechanisms
  • Many Kinds of Various Caterpillar Chains
  • Beveling and Slope Processing by Inclined Spindles
  • Excellent Durability
  • Body Cover (Optional)

This machine processes tenon on both sides of materials with feeding materials on the caterpillar chain. It also processes various profiles, such as sizing, beveling, shiplapping with high accuracy and efficiency.
Moreover, our DET has excellent productivity and durability. Continuous operation for 24 hours is possible. Many customers use our DET for over 30 years with proper maintenance. Durability is one of our DET’s strong points.
Our DET has a 98% market share in the flooring field in Japan.
As to specifications, our products are made to order. Specifications would be determined by needs.

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